Monday, February 23, 2009


"Takla Acu,..Upin & Ipin kan laki,.."huhu,..Milia dok bising when i told her dis little gal Nur Fathiah is actually Upin & Ipin,..btw,..big credits go to Les' Copaque Production for makin dis great movie, n cayang brought my mom,.Milia,, Iskandar n their mother (Kak Nani) 2 watch dis movie @ Sbn 2 last Saturday,..giler enjoy, their target rm10 million kan?? hmmmm,..they could possibly reach it,..aper taknyee,..masa tengok hari tu,..smpi atuk ngan nenek pon cucu depa bawak,..For me, their production r smart enuf to promote their series first in tv, bebudak kecik ni sume dah hafal all the characters...

Dis morning, usual cayang loved to listen Sinar FM,..n it's quite funny when Abg Jam dok keep on mentioning word "Betul Betul Betul",..die pon dah niru gaya Upin n Ipin nampaknye,..n sian cayang,..he already booked Valkyrie last nite but we stil couldnt make it,.btw,..26 Mac 2009,..Confessions of a Shopaholic wil be on town,..


Friday, February 20, 2009

Economic Recession,..

I might b late bout dis news,..but i could feel d fear of recession moment...even big names r facing d impact as well,..owwhhhhhhhh

Trump casinos file for bankruptcy a third time

ATLANTIC CITY, New Jersey (AP) - The three Atlantic City casinos once run by Donald Trump filed for bankruptcy protection on Tuesday - for the third time.

Trump Entertainment Resorts made the filing in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in New Jersey, four days after the real estate mogul whose name remains on the company and its three seaside gambling resorts resigned as chairman of the board.

Trump was frustrated that bond holders and their allies on the board rebuffed his offer to buy the company and take it private.

"Other than the fact that it has my name on it - which I'm not thrilled about - I have nothing to do with the company," Trump told The Associated Press Tuesday morning.

He acknowledged being sad over the end of a venture that was so publicly and relentlessly associated with his name and image. Yet he said the company "represents substantially less than 1 percent of my net worth, and has for some time."

"If I can't manage something, it's not for me," Trump said.

All three of the company's casinos will continue to operate as usual during the bankruptcy proceedings.

It marked the third time that the three Trump casinos have filed for bankruptcy. The current incarnation, Trump Entertainment Resorts, was born of a prior trip through bankruptcy that ended in 2005.

Debt that was still left over from that restructuring was exacerbated by the economic meltdown and cutthroat competition from slots parlors in Pennsylvania and New York that have been hammering Atlantic City for more than two years.

The company has $1.74 billion in total debt and $2.06 billion in assets, according to the court filing.

"It was the only option left to us," said Mark Juliano, the company's CEO. "We will work to get it restructured and come out of this with an appropriate amount of leverage."

The casino company owns three Atlantic City casinos but is in the process of selling the Trump Marina Hotel Casino. Its two other properties are the Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort, and the Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino.

Juliano said the bankruptcy filing will have no effect on the planned sale in the spring of Trump Marina to a company led by Richard Fields, a former protege of Donald Trump.

In the meantime, Juliano stressed that all three Trump casinos will be open for business as usual, and customer loyalty programs will remain in effect.

"This is a restructuring, not a liquidation," he said. "Vendors and employees will be paid, customers will have winning bets paid."

The company skipped a biannual $53.1 million payment to bond holders that had been due last Dec. 1, and started negotiating with them on a refinancing of $1.25 billion in debt. Those talks had been extended four times before ending with Tuesday's bankruptcy filing.

Trump acknowledged the company has limited rights to use his name, but hinted he may seek legal action to force them to stop using it.

His daughter, Ivanka, whose image has been increasingly used to market the casinos, also resigned from the board last Friday.

Separately Tuesday, a proposed $400 million New Orleans high-rise involving Trump is on hold until national credit markets start recover from the recession, an attorney for developers said.

Stephen Dwyer, who represents Poydras LLC, said developers have not secured all their funding but still hope to move ahead with the high-end condominium and hotel project by the end of the year. - AP

Sorry boss,..i've changed,..

I know someone wil inform my boss bout d farewell lunch,..hehehe,.."Aisyah,.why u didnt join them,'s halal la,.." she asked me yesterday after she signed my annual leave form,..Yeaaayyyyyyyy, on my way for honeymoon vacation,..2 months from now,..huhu,..lmbt la plak,..

First n foremost,..ceq tak berapa nak selesa bile nak g join depa yg suma cina ni n pastu depa nak g makan Dim Sum,..hoho,..n secondly,..i know one day my boss wil raise dis issue coz i wil alwayz give them excuses everytime they ask me out,..btw,..Thanks guys for loving me,.. :)

From IT field to Business n Marketing Development really made me changed,..n frankly speaking i missed my first job @ IWK as Database Exec,..huhu,..n my decision to join UMW Oil & Gas after dat as Business Liaison kinda like a scarry moment for me,..i dont even hv time for my own self,..n i was very exhausted as i need to entertain and liaise wif clients most of the times especially Petronas,..

Now,..alhamdulillah,..i'm happy to be here, dis great community,..apelagi dah jd bini orang ni,..i hv to manage my times for my husband as well, boss,..i hope i dont hv to socialise wif ppl to muchhh,..boleh tak?? dah penat,..hehehe

Okla, ur work guyss, per Kak Yante,..jgn ngulat ok,..tak baik tau~~ :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Entertaining myself,..weeeee

Huh~~!!,...i missed few episodes of Desperate Housewives season 5,..amik ko!!,..takpe,..nnt cayang belikan DVD kan kan kan,.. :P Gabby dah gumuks sket,..btw,,Bravo Gabby for stil being wif Carlos yg dah serba kekurangan tu,..hikhik,..n for me, d touching part bile Hodge asked Bree to cook tgh mlm sbb wife die dah janji nak masak,.ko pon satu Bree,..pentingkan suami ko dulu,.huhu (Im reminding myself also ok!!)

Americon Idol season 8 pon dah start kan, ni nak admire one of d contestants pon payah sket,..kena jaga perangai woooiiii,..dah jd bini org kan,..tak pasal pasal nnt kalo tetibe laki ko mimpikan Jessica Alba takker muncung panjang,..hehe,..n last nite,..i watched Keeping up wif the Kardashians lg,..ngok ngek la depa ni,..biasela si Ryan Crest nye production,..Astro ni plak asyik dok ulang jeee,..same goes to House,..asyik season lama je dok repeat,..

Juz now, cayang told me,..tonite, i dont hv to cook,..YaYYYYYYYYY to myself,..nak belikan something katanya,..tak sabo plak rase,..lupe plak,..Si Rona Roni Makaroni ader lg ker mlm ni,..
Untuk menghiburkan hati yg tgh lara coz i missed my pra-shoot wif majalah Dara, Karangkraf, not goin to do anythin today,..maleh nak wat keje,..ape lg bos tgh takde ni,..yeeehaaaaaaaa

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Thanks sista,..

My lovely sista,..Miss Zaila

Tgh dok bz wat report, lovely fren cum my sista buzzed me,..n she sent our photo,..huhu,..semoga persahabatan kita kekal hingga ke akhir hayat ok!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fancy dress..

Dis morning, as usual cayang dropped me @ Wisma Genting n i walked gracefully to my office,..hehehe,..feel like dancing plak..~~happy plak rase tak tau nape,..mase tgh jalan ade sorang minah ni pki kemeja labuh, niceee..n wif belt,..gaya seorg muslimah yg mengamalkan gaya pemakaian yg sungguh elegen,..i likeeeeeeee,.. :P

Kemeje labuh mcm tu susah nak cr skang ni,..dulu ade kat City Square, ni susah btol nak cr,..yg ala-ala pon brand Cultivation je kat Isetan tp design tak bagus sgt,..pas kawin ni,..npk gayenya, gonna wear those kind of kemeja,..maner nak cr ni????????

Btw, soooooooo KRA reviewed was unexpected,..feel like crying,..syukur sgt,..Tenkiuuuu boss!!

Ape lg Kak Ana, Paris la kite pas ni,..huhu

Monday, February 16, 2009


Im at work n feel so damn boring,..n again liaise wif Gov ppl require lots of patience,..dah jemu nak call depa,..same excuses,..last weekend Tun's secretary told me something,..huhu,..kalo ade rezeki ade la kot tp tak sure lg nak tuka keje atau tak,.. btw, I really appreciate ur recommendation Tun,..:)

I saw my past appraisal form masa kat UMW,..stil well kept in my drawer (sempat wat copy before i left dat company),..all my sacrifices as a pioneer masa kat sana berbaloi jugak,..great benefit, increment, bonus, n promotion..hmmmm,..i wont be able to face d same benefits here but i am able to spend more times wif my cayang,..tu yg penting,.so,.my KRA form kali ni,..tawakal je la,..

Btw,..Cik Mulan,..i was surprised when i saw my blog name as ur "Blog choice",..frankly speaking i dont know who u are but i hope we could be frens ya,..enjoy reading my 'boring' blog ni yeee,...

Friday, February 13, 2009

My big day,..

I created dis movie last nite,...enjoy ye!!

Frens,... :)

I love dis lady,..Patricia from Henry Butcher,.she wil always bright up my day everytime she turns up at my office,..yuuuhuuuu,..stil tak dapat la dear,..

BTW,..memang betul,..dah kawin ni rasa tenang yg teramat,..AIZAAAAAAAA,..where's my wedding gift from Singapore,...tak dapat ponnnnnnnnnn,..

Thursday, February 12, 2009

My sweet lil home,..

Our ads in yesterday's Star,"Triple Incentive Plan (TIP) ",..Believe me guys, grab dis chance if u do hv extra cash!! BLR pon dah turun kan skarang ni,..

Btw,..sorry to dat person if u glance at my blog,..our conversation dat day really pissed me off~~ :P Talkin bout home,..pls be grateful if ur beloved father or mother managed 2 sponsor anythin for u especially to those who r stayin in triple big mansions,..Mont Kiara,..Hartamas,..blabla,..

Our project in Bangsar (Suasana Bangsar),..the smallest unit is 1112 sf (2 bedrooms only) and cost u almost RM700,000.00 ok!! dah sold out pon~~ Put it dis way, my records,. most of the young buyers r comin from a rich family,..sponsored by their father yg berpangkat Datuk / Tan Sri,..

SO,..i'm proud wif my hubby coz he managed to buy his own house in early 26 yrs using his own money!!,..his first property n it is fully furnished!! When u told me, my house is quite small 989 sf only wif 3 rooms,.. so what !! I hv a place to stay rite now!! Fine,..mayb my swimming pool is not as big as Bukit Jalil but my place is very convenient ok!! WTF!! Sorry gurl!! i already blocked u!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tagged by Yam,...

Yam,..aku baru perasan blog aku di tag oleh ko,..huhu,..

1) Find a silent room away from monsters..

Mane ade monsters zaman milennium ni,.. :P

2) Take a picture of your bag and its content
Geshhhhh, yg malas ni,..

3) Explain about the contents:
Bag-Guess to store my stuffs la kan,..
Wallet- Guess jugak yg sudah agak uzur n always screamed to b changed urgently,..huhu
Umbrella-Esprit yg wajib dibawa setiap hari!!
Make up bag-Esprit yg sudah uzur gak,..:P
My cute mirror,..Guess
My soul,..MAC lerrr,..
Estee Lauder blush pallete,..
Maybelline water shine wif collagen sudah tentu,..
Long Wearing Eyeliner - Silky Girl
Elianto supreme volumize mascara,..i loooiiikeeeeee
Anddd my fav odour,..Daisy Marc Jacobs,..

5) What's the most embarassing content of your handbag?
HUH!!issshkkkk, pk la sendiri!!

6) What is the smallest item in the bag?

Not sure,.. :P

7) Tag as much as u want:
Ida si Batik Pink
Linda aka Pokpek
Kak Ikin aka Mawar Ungu dan Kupu

Monday, February 9, 2009


Gesshhhhhhhhh,...sok masuk keje,..Ya Ampun,..malas yg teramat,..hari ni nak g menyalang umah sedara lg,.sblh cayang plak,..last week,..kami mengecat umah,..amik ko!! penangan Eric Leong,..we bot Dulux ICI Pentalite la,..n angah told me Jotun wat sale kat Midvalley last month,..nak pengsan jugak ngan harge cat ni,...

Btw,..big thanks to my frens yg dtg,..sayang sgt korang,..hadiah yg korang bawak r meaningful to me,..thanks again guys!!, house is totally complete now,..Alhamdulillah,..
Dah lame btol tak nengok movie,..last skali cite Underworld,..tak sabo plak nak nengok Confessions of A Shopaholic,...dengar cite 26 Mac 09 wil be viewed in Malaysia,..n 3 days after dat,..kami akan g honeymoon,..huhu,..

One thing for sure,..i hv bigger responsibility now,..goin 2 cook Nasi Goreng Thailand sat lg,..
see ya guys!!

*Bag,....GUccciiiiiii,...Can't wait to watch Rebecca Bloomwood acted by Isla Fisher,..lambatnyerr kuor movie ni,... :(

Thursday, February 5, 2009

I'm so complete now!!

Alhamdulillah,..hanya dengan sekali lafaz i belong to my sweet hubby,..Syamsul Izwan,..
For the past 6 months i've been struggled so hard for d preparation,.dan akhirnya pd 31 Januari 2009,..kami diijabkabulkan pd 3.45 pm, u cayang!!
Trima kasih banyak especially to my parents, my family n my frens,..i really love u guys!!

Few pics for you out there~~ :)
Keluarga kesayanganku,..suke gambar ni coz mase ni milia tgh merajuk,..n sume tgh pdg something,.

Milia merajuk sbb ni,..hehehe,..adik sayang sgt mak ngan abah,.. :)

Wif my family,..
Berdiri : Abah, Mak
Duduk dr kiri : My big bro (abang), my nephew (Iskandar), my sis in law (Kak Nani), my niece (Milia), my sister (angah) n my bro in law (bangah)

Wif family cayang,.
Berdiri : My sis in law (kak sha), Ayah
Duduk dr kiri : Cayang big bro (abang sham), irfan n asyraf,..

31 Januari 2009
9.00 am,..i received dis from florist....:)

My cayang sedih sbb nama die salah eja,.. :P

Si kecik npk sedih je mase akad,.acu wil always love u sayang,..

Sahabat2 yang ade kat sebelah cayang di waktu
sebelum akad;
Berdiri:Diana(Zack's wife), Intan(Suhail's wife), Suhail, Zack, Aie, Nizam
Duduk dari kiri: Siqo, Alip, Jalo, Naim(Cayang's best man)

1 Februari 2009

Sahabat2 yang setia sampai abes majlis;

Berdiri: Zack, Diana(Zack's wife), Intan(Suhail's wife), Suhail,
Duduk dari kiri: Naim, Faiz, Nizam, Jalo, Alip