Monday, February 16, 2009


Im at work n feel so damn boring,..n again liaise wif Gov ppl require lots of patience,..dah jemu nak call depa,..same excuses,..last weekend Tun's secretary told me something,..huhu,..kalo ade rezeki ade la kot tp tak sure lg nak tuka keje atau tak,.. btw, I really appreciate ur recommendation Tun,..:)

I saw my past appraisal form masa kat UMW,..stil well kept in my drawer (sempat wat copy before i left dat company),..all my sacrifices as a pioneer masa kat sana berbaloi jugak,..great benefit, increment, bonus, n promotion..hmmmm,..i wont be able to face d same benefits here but i am able to spend more times wif my cayang,..tu yg penting,.so,.my KRA form kali ni,..tawakal je la,..

Btw,..Cik Mulan,..i was surprised when i saw my blog name as ur "Blog choice",..frankly speaking i dont know who u are but i hope we could be frens ya,..enjoy reading my 'boring' blog ni yeee,...

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