Friday, February 20, 2009

Sorry boss,..i've changed,..

I know someone wil inform my boss bout d farewell lunch,..hehehe,.."Aisyah,.why u didnt join them,'s halal la,.." she asked me yesterday after she signed my annual leave form,..Yeaaayyyyyyyy, on my way for honeymoon vacation,..2 months from now,..huhu,..lmbt la plak,..

First n foremost,..ceq tak berapa nak selesa bile nak g join depa yg suma cina ni n pastu depa nak g makan Dim Sum,..hoho,..n secondly,..i know one day my boss wil raise dis issue coz i wil alwayz give them excuses everytime they ask me out,..btw,..Thanks guys for loving me,.. :)

From IT field to Business n Marketing Development really made me changed,..n frankly speaking i missed my first job @ IWK as Database Exec,..huhu,..n my decision to join UMW Oil & Gas after dat as Business Liaison kinda like a scarry moment for me,..i dont even hv time for my own self,..n i was very exhausted as i need to entertain and liaise wif clients most of the times especially Petronas,..

Now,..alhamdulillah,..i'm happy to be here, dis great community,..apelagi dah jd bini orang ni,..i hv to manage my times for my husband as well, boss,..i hope i dont hv to socialise wif ppl to muchhh,..boleh tak?? dah penat,..hehehe

Okla, ur work guyss, per Kak Yante,..jgn ngulat ok,..tak baik tau~~ :)

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