Monday, February 23, 2009


"Takla Acu,..Upin & Ipin kan laki,.."huhu,..Milia dok bising when i told her dis little gal Nur Fathiah is actually Upin & Ipin,..btw,..big credits go to Les' Copaque Production for makin dis great movie, n cayang brought my mom,.Milia,, Iskandar n their mother (Kak Nani) 2 watch dis movie @ Sbn 2 last Saturday,..giler enjoy, their target rm10 million kan?? hmmmm,..they could possibly reach it,..aper taknyee,..masa tengok hari tu,..smpi atuk ngan nenek pon cucu depa bawak,..For me, their production r smart enuf to promote their series first in tv, bebudak kecik ni sume dah hafal all the characters...

Dis morning, usual cayang loved to listen Sinar FM,..n it's quite funny when Abg Jam dok keep on mentioning word "Betul Betul Betul",..die pon dah niru gaya Upin n Ipin nampaknye,..n sian cayang,..he already booked Valkyrie last nite but we stil couldnt make it,.btw,..26 Mac 2009,..Confessions of a Shopaholic wil be on town,..


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