Monday, September 19, 2011

Sedut kahak anak.

Kes anak perempuan Safura yg meninggal baru-baru ni mmg sedih. Satu je penyebab utama. DEMAM. Doktor pon mengesahkan yg peparu dia penuh dgn kahak. Kita semua sedar kan, bile demam kadang-kadang dtg skali dengan batuk dan selsema.

A friend of mine who is a Doctor encourage mommies out there including me to buy this Pigeon product,..a Nose Cleaner is recommended by paed. I've never use it coz before ni mmg sy sedut keluar je kahak Sara. Ada jugak doktor tak galakkan takut spread the gems kan.

So, just want to share wif all mommies out there. Not sure about the price.

Do check the website k @ here,.. :)

Nose Cleaner Tube Type (10560)

Let baby's nose feel clean and refreshed
  • Suction can be easily controlled
  • Mucus remains trapped in bottle, thereby preventing backflow.
  • Transparent bottle allows for easy observation of mucous extraction.
How to use
  • Hold baby in your arms.
  • Apply suction only when baby is calm.
  • Place mouthpiece in mouth while holding baby with one hand.
  • Hold the bottle with the free hand, and gently place the tip of the round nozzle close to baby's nostril, forming a seal.
  • Always begin by sucking gently and slowly until all loose mucus has been removed.

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