Monday, September 19, 2011

Piano class for Sara..

Mase dekat Kedah, we had a very useful discussion wif my brother in law about dis piano class for toddlers. He advised us to enroll Sara to a piano class as early as 2 yrs old. As per him, Sara dah boleh pick up dlm few things and we shud start to encourage her from now on. Alhamdulillah, berkat minum susu ibu.

At first, me n hubby planned to send our baby to dis piano class once she enters 4 yrs old together wif Smart Reader or Genius Aulad. Now, we're trying to squeeze her to a Yamaha Music School near our house. Kalau dkt Kedah the fee is only RM60 for 45 mins once a week. Kat sini tak sure lagi. I still need to compare and study on few more music schools.

InsyaAllah, 8 grades for her to complete before she cud possess the ABRSM's certificate.

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