Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mummy n baby r getting well,..

Juz came back from AP,..Alhamdulillah,..my baby is growing well n suprisingly berat sy tak naik (ohh,..sy rase sungguh happy), tp berat baby naik 600 gram,..so now,..my baby's weight is 3.2 kg,.Dr. Fauziah advised me to stay strong n calm sbb mase check td my blood pressure mcm naik,..tp bile checked second time, my BP was back to normal,..probably i was nervous ataupon cayang dah tolong amikkan darah,.tu yg BP cayang naik,..hehe,..

As long as my health condition is normal,..takde masalah n my baby is getting well in my womb,...Dr. Fauziah asked us to wait smpi masenya tiba,..no need to be admitted earlier ataupun amik sebarang ubat,..cuma kalau by next Friday,..stil tak deliver she will give me til 20 Nov then barulah terpaksa induce,..

Pesanan terakhir Dr. Fauziah setiap kali consultation ended,.."Jgn lupe 'bersama' suami ye,.." huhu,..untuk memudahkan proses bersalin,.. :P

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