Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My true blue...

Is it easy 2 find someone 2 b ur true blue aka best buddy especially when ur workin environment s**ks?..Someone dat u can interfere when she was so tight wif her tasks,..Someone dat u can drag her 2 d ladies n cried on her shoulder when ur job killed u,..Someone dat cares for u n bot u somethin when u dont even hv time 2 move from ur f**kin chair..Someone dat will cover u up when u were so annoyed wif ur boss n u were hidin urself @ her place..Someone dat will wait for u until nite n will take u 2 dinner juz 2 make u pleased..Someone dat will listen 2 ur opinion n u urself can accept hers eventho u will quarrel for a while,..Someone dat u will call in d midnite when u feel somethin is wrong wif ur buddy..Someone dat wont forget u when she received anything,..Someone dat will bring u along to any functions because she knew dat u had sacrificed a lot for the friendship..Someone dat will scold u when u decided 2 tender from dat company..Someone dat will share ur joy n pain..Not easy for me but Alhamdulillah,..i found u Juri ...Besides cayang, u always be there during my ups n downs..Thanks babe..

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