Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sara @ Yamaha Music..

My father in law went back early dis morning, while my bro in law and my lovely biras are still around. Firstly, our plan was to watch movie together @ Jusco Cheras Selatan,..Johnny English.. but last minute, i told them to proceed without me n Sara..Takut Sara meragam kan boring dlm panggung wayang. So, me n my baby took the opportunity to go to Yamaha Music store. Before ni mmg dah survey kat their website n they mentioned that piano class for toddlers begin as early as 3 yrs old,..rupe-rupenya wrong info la...

For Grade 1, minimum age to enrol piano class is 6 years old..Kalau umur 3 tahun ni just main organ . For dis class, 1 term = 3 bulan n will cost you RM315. 1 kelas, diorg hny amik 6 orang je n wajib mak atau pak nye temankan anak. Ye la takut anak meraung kan,..kecik lg,..hehe..Pengambilan dekat sini hanya bulan Januari and April. Overall, tadi sy sempat masuk kelas tu and quite satisfied. InsyaAllah, Sara genap 3 tahun nnt, we will send her there. Best gak, pas die blajo, leh kitorg makan or soping moping kan,..:)

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