Sunday, September 11, 2011

US OPEN 2011..

I wish i cud b a good tennis player...kena tunggu Sara besar sket suh

daddy die ajar main..pnah wakil state la katakan,..:)

Kat rumah, normally my hubby n my baby akan berebut tgk tv,.hehe,..between Sports Channel n off course Baby TV..

So dis morning,, si kecik mengalah biarkan daddy die tgk US Open Semi final n mood daddy tak best sket ble Federer kalah..Since my fav player Clijters is still injured so i go for Wozniacki,..but npknye Serena dah buat comeback,..

So for final,..Nadal vs Djokovic while Serena vs Stosur..

Yess,..i can say dat im addicted to dis high class game while my hubby plak,..taraaaa...
Managed to learn from his brother during Raya Eve,..

Cayang, nak mencangkul je ni,..hehe

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