Monday, September 26, 2011

Mini open house @ LJ,.

Hi there, im gonna meet few frens today,..:)

Peace yooo,

Helping mommy to arrange d chairs,..awok ni,..huhu

Last Saturday, we did a small open house for our close friends. Last minute plan sbnrnya,..few friends turned up n nasib baik tak dtg serentak,.pak guard plak agak strict kali ni n some of them need to fill up form plak instead of leaving their id card. Dah lelame tu, ble makin ramai dtg to our hse, guard dah penat kot then they juz need to leave their id card. Sorry again coz u guys kena menapak sbb visitors' parking inside my hse dah full. Semua nak buat open hse kan..
i purposely put the toys outside for the kids to play..

Btw, buat kengkawan lain yg sy tak invite, sorry sesangat kalau missed out you guys. InsyaAllah birthday Sara nnt I will invite u guys ok..

Last batch arrived around 10 pm...

They are actually same age, 2 yrs but my baby call her kakak coz Auni is taller than her,.hehe

We're officially closed @ 12 pm. Alhamdulillah..