Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Kisah jam dinding saya..

Sy suka lukisan abstrak. Tak kisahla samaada lukisan di dinding ataupun kain. Since the price of a real quality painting is quite expensive, so i surveyed few nice and affordable paintings and i came across this new wall clock. There are few choices.

I ordered, paid, waited patiently and the wall clock arrived in front of my hse. So damn easy rite?? As long as u hv the money, the technology, nothing is impossible. Nak dijadikan cerita, after we came back from long holidays during last Raya, my fav wall clock ni suddenly stopped...Goshhh,'s not working at all.

I bot dis wall clock via facebook and i immediately pm the owner. She's so nice and told me will post the 'thing' which i do not know what is the 'thing'. Ingatkan die nak ganti yg barula kan,..Today, i received the 'thing' that she told me earlier,..haa,..amik ko,..benda kecik kat blakang yg kena letak bateri tu. She even told me that i can fix it on my own,..Aiiikkkk,..mcm ade pengalaman je ni,..dah slalu rosak ke,..ishkkk,..

So i managed to fix it back,..sib baik senang je kan,..MODE happy kembali lg,..

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