Thursday, September 22, 2011

Boutique Anak Mawar..

Boutique Anak Mawar will be opening soon. Still in the midst of discussion wif my suppliers. In fact, i stil havent register my company wif the SSM yet. My planning will be starting next year, Insya Allah. Will update the progress from time to time and just to let you know that this is an online biz tau. Kalau ada rezeki boleh la buka satu store macam kat Ampang Park...huhu..Have you guys bought any kat sana? Depan McD tu. Cuma choices tak banyak sgt.

Anak Mawar's collections are such as Burberry, Guess, Zara Kids, Polo Ralph Lauren, Baby Gap, Osh Kosh, Carter's, Old Navy and many more.

All items are original, genuine and selected only. Items are mostly from factory overrun stock imported from China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia and Thailand.

The most important thing is the prices are so affordable and will only be uploaded via my facebook,..:)

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