Sunday, September 18, 2011

Back to KL

Now..we're on our way back to KL..It's 6.30 am n off course we wanted to avoid d jam. My girl continues her dream wif her Atuk. While me surfing d net..hmm..

Im so happy. Last two days, i lost my ring in my own car while my baby was trying hard to wear it, she dropped it. Me n cayang were struggling to find it back till i let my tears rolled down. Hubby said will replace another one for me. Yesterday was our lucky day as we found it back im my fil's shoe..hehe..funny rite?

We also had to cancel our plan to Langkawi coz d crowds r crazy to buy d ferry tickets..cuti we'll b headin to Langkawi as our family vacation dis Dec.

Since my hubby will b goin to Shenzen,China dis Nov so we managed to visit Lye Yuet Garden at Hosba near Joe Cendol Pulut. Will upload the photos soon. SERIOUSLY u guys need to come over to feel the chinnese culture. I mean the country itself..China..There are few monumens like their great warriors and the houses built are exactly d same like d kung fu movies..

Few places to visit while im still available..tak payah nak susah susah mintak cuti or risau anak demam kan. Tak pasal-pasal nnt dpt warning letter lg.. :P

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