Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sweet memories @ Hard Rock Hotel,..

Ok,..i hv to update dis entry secepat mungkin while my baby is watching her nursery rhymes' video..
Last weekend, i went to Penang wif hubby n our lovely daughter coz i had to attend dis team building session organised by my company.

The best thing was, we stayed @ Hard Rock Hotel,..the first musical hotel in Malaysia..mmg excited sgt la kan,..
We reached hotel around 3.30 pm while the rest dah lame check in.

After i texted my boss, we headed to our room which is located @ level 2..semua sekali ade 6 tingkat.. The room was great..Beatles' frame was hang on the wall,..sara plak dok nak pegang je gambar tu..dlm bilik air plak ade gmbr Elvis Presley, far as i know, diff room, got diff photos..
Around 7.30pm, we gathered kat lobi sbb nak g dinner kat Rose Restaurant,..Terperanjat sgt bile tengok the interior design hampir sama dgn Full House,,

n again Aleeya Qaisara menjadi daya tarikan malam tu..:)

The next day, i had my team building session for the whole day,..abis je, tetibe hujan plak turun dgn lebat,..end up mlm tu kami hang out je kat hotel yg kebetulan halloween nite..

yg paling sedih bile ramai young malay kids wore diff costumes sbb nak celebrate same..tu yg susah ble jd anak org berada ni,..terikut sgt budaya barat..crazy...

Our last day kat Hard Rock,..pas amik breakfast kat Stars Diner, kami terus bwk Sara g pantai dan mandi kat pool..tepat jam 10 am,..hujan dah stat turun balik..
We checked out @ 12 pm together with the rest..

Mmg best sgt kat Hard Rock Hotel ni and we will definitely dtg sini balik,..InsyaAllah..

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