Thursday, February 11, 2010

Teratak Qaisara,..

This morning, while i was preparing my hubby's bfast, i received a sms from my father in law,..on 11th every month without fail, he will sms me n cayang to wish his grandaughter's born day,..yap,,..11.02.10 my baby is 3 months old,..11.11.10 ni genap setahun and 11.11.11 next year 2 tahun plak,..
Smlm die dah boleh sebut perkataan ''Awwuukkk",..nak ckp atuk kot,..probably payah nak sebut mommy n daddy,..hehe..
My FIL's sms sounded like this,.."Qaisara, happy birthday ke 3 bulan. Lekas besar, boleh ikut Atuk balik kampong. Tengok 'Teratak Qaisara'.Tks."
Owwhhhhhhhhhh,.. "TERATAK QAISARA" , shweeeetttttttt,..either he named it on his own or my brother in law informed him bout my blog,..n guess what,..he also made a special album titled "Aleeya Qaisara",..He printed my baby's pics dpd lahir smpi skang and he got all those pics from my facebook,..Hebat kan!!,..yaaayyyy

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