Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tag lg,..huhu

Ms. Yam , sexy, pretty n smart fren yg suke beno menge'tag' Mrs. Mawar ye,..ishkkkk,.

Here it goes:
1) What is the name of your blog and why you choose it?
Teratak Mawar,..i love roses,...teratak is a home for me, a home,..we do have everything in it so do my teratak,..full of roses,..

2) What is the link of your blog now and how you got the idea to name it that manner? stated above lorr,..

3) What's your writing methodology?
Whatever comes out from my mind,.happiness,..sadness,..anger,..sumela,. :P

4) Have you ever felt of deleting your blog and why?
Yap,..coz sometimes i do blog at home n it will definitely wasting my times,..hantu blog ok,..

5) What do you feel of the blog and the person who tagged you?
My online diary,..feel excited lorr,..being me n let others know my true colours,..Yam is my ex-matrix buddy,..dulu kite cenggitu je kan Yam??, skang ni leh slalu keep in touch plak,..
So,..ur used to be best fren wont always b ur true fren,... :P

6) Tag more people!
No body,..pnah tag org dulu tp ada gak yg tak buat, maleh nak tag org dah,..:P

4 titipan:

yam^Artfingers^ said...

uikss...hehehhe..dah menjawab dah ehh tag aku..

"So,..ur used to be best fren wont always b ur true fren,... :P"

apekahh??do u know what i know...or u know i know u dont know??hahhaha...ape la aku melalut neh..

Mawar said...

Hahaha,..aku pon tak paham aper yg ko melalut,..btw,..glad kite stil contact each other kan?? :P

angah said...

uhhu...agak terase hambe..bukan xbuat...did get it ready xpublish...uhhu need editing

Mawar said...

Hehe,..tahu takpe,...cayang irnie,.. :)